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Our Scuba Charters

EsquimaltEcoTours’ Scuba charters regularly go scuba diving in a multitude of dive sites and types, where you can hover and swim gracefully with sealife and Kelp forests in the Salish sea.  Click the amazing youtube video by Liquid Productions for a good example for what you can expect should you get a visit from a pinniped.

What do you need to know for a big animal encounter?

  • To enjoy this type of dive you must be comfortable with physical contact with animals weighing in at over 400lbs and yet respectful of the animals you will encounter.
  • Although you must keep your hands to yourselves, the animals are very curious and like to nibble, nudge and make faces to face contact.
  • A level 2 diver (PADI advanced diver) training and at least 10 recently logged dives in comparable waters is preferable.
  • Dive destinations may vary or even cancelled depending on weather conditions. Safety first
  • Most of our charters depart from Westbay Marina at 453 Head Street in Victoria, Pedder Bay Marina in nearby Metchosin, or Tulista boat ramp in Sidney, BC.
  • Departures at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Planning to rent affordable equipment? please notify us as soon as possible to arrange with local dive shops.
  • As the temperature on the water is always cool, it is best to bring a hat and gloves, even in summer.
  • Drysuit is prefered but if using a wetsuit bring a thermos of hot water and a windbreaker.