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HMCS Mackenzie Dive charter site
Scuba Diver at the GB Church Dive site

Two reasons why you should scuba dive in the Salish Sea is that it’s a great recreational activity, and you can view shipwrecks like the HMCS Mckenzie. 

HMCS Mackenzie Dive site

The Boeing 737 dive charter
Divers at the Boeing 737 Dive site

Boeing 737 Dive charter

This is one of the most on-demand charters. You’ll get to see the Boeing 737 plane wreck and the artificial reefs around the site. 

GB Church Scuba Dive site in the salish sea
The GB Church wreck site

GB Church Dive charter

We highly recommend a visit to the GB Church Dive site. You can be sure of encountering lots of marine life on this wreck!

The best summer deals

Our services this summer include scuba dives in the Salish sea where there is an abundance of marine life. You can rent our boat complete with a skipper for either half or full day. For just $65, you can join us for a great sunset charter in Victoria’s inner or Esquimalt harbor area. The skipper will take you around the best sites, point out lighthouses, natural features, and help you spot seals and sea lions. 

Family oriented

Are you looking for a nice, intentional way to catch the sunset with your family or partner? Do you fancy the idea of cruising along the forestry shores of BC and riding the waves Salish sea? or are you a foresty forest family or local that wants to switch it up from those epic family day hikes to super epic charter trips out at sea. We have a family-oriented package for you. Get on your calendar and join us for a great sunset charter in Victoria’s inner or Esquimalt harbor area this summer.

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