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Esquimalt Eco Tours offers the most interactive Scuba diving services you can experience in Victoria British Columbia. Explore how the sea world comes alive when you are guided by the right person

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Dive into the action. Meet these gentle sea creatures of Vancouver Island in their own environment. Our team knows the cool hideouts and adventures that will bring you the best moments

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Whether you're a seasoned diver or beginner, we not only have all the gear that you need but we provide you with the best quality and how to use training, to keep you focused entirely on the diving experience.

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"Capt Dan is a true professional. I own a dive charter company myself so Im always looking for the good and bad of others. I did a private trip with this company in Oct 2020. Everything way excellent! From the boat, gear and ladder to the safety gear & briefing and boat handling, Capt Dan knows his stuff and he knows the area so you will see the cool sites other guys just don’t visit. I highly recommend this outfit. The rib is fast and well laid out, equipped with a custom ladder for easy access back to the boat. 5 stars"
Sean Smyrichinsky
Owner at UBDiving Ltd Commercial Diving Services